Tom Stinson
McKesson Corporation

Kathi Stone
Vice Chair
21st Century Bank

Doug Rolle
Thomson Reuters

Don McGuire
Border Bank


Ray Danzl
Valiant Enterprise, Inc.

Michael Dempsey

David Stamps
Center for Organizational Development

Letty Van Ert
Tuft, Lach, Jerabek & O’Connell

Nick Bednarczyk
MissionBridge Wealth

Nichole Rudack
BMO Ramsey

Chuck Philipsek

This Could Be You!

We’re very thankful for our Board of Directors! If you’re interested in serving in this capacity please email our Executive Director, Steve Griffiths at

“Our supporters are wonderful people who see a desperate need for helping those experiencing homelessness. They give generously because they care deeply. They know that, ‘When you speak from your heart, other hearts will listen and answer’. Our donors’ generosity has helped many people make positive changes in their lives.”

David Stamps, Center for Organizational Development

“Serving on the Stepping Stone Emergency Housing board has given me an opportunity to learn more about the big picture needs of our community members who are currently without a permanent home. The word ‘homelessness’ has an emptiness to it – I prefer to use the language ‘I’m currently not living in my own home.’ To find a pathway to that home is what Stepping Stone is about. Our residents are encouraged to stay for 90 days or longer in order to reduce the chaos in their lives. Our staff partners with the residents to help them develop a plan for their future. A future that will include the phrase, ‘I’m going home’.”

Amy Moore, St. Joseph of the Lakes Catholic Church

Our Mission

Support individuals 18 and over who are experiencing homelessness by accelerating the growth of available shelter that brings education and solutions to our homeless response.

Our Vision

Provide a safe and inclusive community response to ending homelessness for all.

Our Guiding Principles & Values

Empower individuals to change their lives

-Treat all with dignity and respect

Collaborate with partners in providing services

-Ensure strong stewardship in managing resources