Steve Griffiths
Executive Director

Yar Bior
Case Manager-Washington County Shelter

Brittany Clausen
Human Resources Director

Jeff Conner
Development Officer

Annette Duffy
Program Director

Lisa Hopkins
Business Manager

Valerie Jensen
Development Coordinator

Laura Knapp
Community-Based Case Manager

Jason Lehmann
Cafeteria Manager

Danielle McDonald
Program Coordinator

Sudi Mohamed
Case Manager-Anoka County Shelter

Our Mission

Support individuals 18 and over who are experiencing homelessness by accelerating the growth of available shelter that brings education and solutions to our homeless response.

Our Vision

Provide a safe and inclusive community response to ending homelessness for all.

Our Guiding Principles & Values

Empower individuals to change their lives

-Treat all with dignity and respect

Collaborate with partners in providing services

-Ensure strong stewardship in managing resources