Happy 71st birthday to one of our residents, but……….

The kindness and thoughtfulness of the residents who decorated her door was so incredibly thoughtful! They really are a community and support one another whenever possible. 

However, if you think about it a little more, why is a 71-year-old living in a homeless shelter? On every level, this is absolutely disgraceful. Between 2015-2018, the elderly who are experiencing homelessness increased by 25%. Over the last three years, Stepping Stone’s elderly population has steadily increased by 3% each year. Why? We’re living in an aging population, and those experiencing homelessness are no exception.

Along with aging brings fixed incomes, decreased physical, mental, and emotional health, and decreased employment opportunities.

This is a serious issue that we must work towards resolving now rather than when it’s too late.


Julie Jeppson, Executive Director