Compassion Church in Anoka Invites Stepping Stone Residents to a Special Service and Dinner

On Sunday, December 19, Compassion Church in Anoka hosted a dinner and worship service for their congregation and invited Stepping Stone residents to join them.

Lead Pastor Rob Bergfalk had the following to say:

“I was very encouraged by last night! We had asked people to let us know how they enjoyed their experience, and Ashley’s* experience in included (see below). We only had a couple residents actually sign up, but when we got there, we started going down the halls knocking on doors and ended up with around 10 residents. We’re praying that the seeds we planted will bear fruit and that residents are starting to see how much they are loved by our church!”

“I felt as though I had come home…”

“I am not sure that I can put my experience into words that can best describe how powerful it made me feel. I was meant to be there. When I found out where it was, I realized my mother (God bless her soul) had worked as a seamstress on the first floor of that very same building, which used to be The Ole Milk Factory, and now it is the Heart of the City Music Factory where they also have concerts and comedy shows as well as the Compassion Church services.

“I am looking forward to becoming a part of Compassion Church and to be a member of the congregation that has touched and awakened a part of me that makes me feel as though this is where I belong. It’s a small, beautiful, comfy, cozy, homey, wonderful, and awe-inspiring experience. The people there, and I truly mean every single person in the room, are so open, compassionate, and unconditionally welcoming. I felt as though I had come home. I am so happy that I RSVP’d to the gathering on the flyer that I received and went to the delicious catered meal and stayed for the lovely and amazing service. You must give it a try!

“I can’t wait to continue my journey in my very own church where I feel as though I honestly belong. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me and thank you to all whom I coaxed to go!!”

-Ashley*, Stepping Stone resident

Thank You!

We appreciate Rob and his congregation at Compassion Church for all they do for Stepping Stone. We really cannot do this alone and look to our community for support. Thank you, Compassion Church!

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Julie Jeppson, Executive Director


*Name changed for privacy.