We always want to share with the community the good times and the not-so-good times, and I think that by working together we’re doing a really good job! But in everything we do, the content must be real (impactful, educational, honest, sincere, etc.). This week, we’ve experienced a very real week. The following explains the nuts-and-bolts of what staff and residents have gone through in just two days….

We had a test positive on Tuesday

Just wanted to bring to your attention that we had a test positive case at the shelter Tuesday, found through staff asking symptom questions and then administering Cue rapid testing to this resident. We Cue tested the rest of the seven individuals in this person’s room and one more came back positive. Due to the one positive result, we also have to test all 66 shelter residents and staff. We have partnered with Hennepin Medical who sent a courier to pick up all submitted saliva test tubes Wednesday morning that were collected. We won’t get results for 24-48 hours. The original resident who tested positive is in quarantine, but the second test-positive, very unfortunately, self-discharged.

Social distancing, hazard pay, pause on new intakes

As a response, and until we get test results, we are closing all opportunities in which residents can congregate without good possibility of social distancing. This includes the entire lower level: cafeteria, computer lab, classroom, and rec room. We are getting very creative in how we will be providing three meals each day. We are providing hazard pay to all staff who come into direct contact with residents for the next 48 hours. We are also pausing staff tasks that don’t allow for social distancing: metal detection, breathalyzer, and chore orientation. We are continuing intakes for those who were already scheduled, but pausing new intake appointments.

I have been in constant communication with MN Dept. of Health and have informed Susan Perkins at AC Public Health of our current status

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission and our residents in their real struggles to carry on, and for some, survive.

Julie Jeppson, Executive Director