Emergency Staffing Pool Means We Move Back to the Shelter!

So many of us are experiencing staffing shortages right now. Some, even dangerously low. Stepping Stone is no exception. The State asked for our feedback and responded! During a listening session, key State decision makers heard the struggles that we’re having. In response, they created an Emergency Staffing Pool, consisting of emergency shelter experts, who have had experience or are currently working with those experiencing homelessness. This week, we welcomed four individuals through this staffing pool to join our staff. They have been a godsend! This will free up our current staff time to focus on supporting residents and creating a plan to move forward with moving residents back to the shelter.

Speaking of moving back to the shelter…

We are excited to announce that as of February 21, we will once again have residents in our facility. At least that’s today’s plan. For over four months, there have been no residents living at the shelter. In addition to that, with our current staffing, there are only four staff who have worked in the shelter environment. All others only have experience working in the hotel. Over these next two weeks, thanks to the emergency staffing pool, we will have the opportunity to train all staff appropriately for supporting and advocating for our residents in the shelter.

Until we have the funds and can do the renovation on the second floor, our residents will remain in two locations: hotel and facility. We’re hoping to get basic renovations completed as quickly as possible so that we can once-and-for-all get all staff and all residents back “home.”

Now, we need YOUR help with the following items to welcome residents back to the shelter:

  • XL sheet sets
  • Bed pillows
  • Twin blankets
  • Bath towels
  • Washcloths
  • Combination locks
  • Plus, items included on our Amazon wish list

Amazon Wish List

Items can be purchased directly from our Amazon Wish List, using the button above. Otherwise, feel free to contact the shelter at 763-323-7006 and let them know you have a donation to help welcome our residents back. You can always email me directly as jjeppson@steppingstoneeh.org. Thank you for your caring support throughout these past two years. We couldn’t do this without you!