Donate Food, Clothes, and Goods

Donate Food, Clothes, and Goods2023-09-13T13:33:54-05:00

A Place to Call “Home” With All the Necessities

From toiletries to bedding, there are items we constantly need and sincerely appreciate. Below is our current list of needs. We do keep this updated, so check back often if you are able to donate. You can drop off your donations anytime at the shelter. Just let the front desk know you have a donation.

For questions call Jeff Conner, (763) 370-5744.

Gift Cards
  • Gift cards of any amount are always appreciated, especially to Walmart, Target, Costco, and Cub Foods
Toiletries for Men & Women (new, full-size only)
  • Ethnic hair care products (full size)
  • Foot spray (not powder)
  • Body wash (men and women, full size)
  • Body lotion (men and women, full size)
  • Shampoo and conditions (men and women, full size)
  • Combs and brushes, different kinds for all hair types
  • Toothpaste
Linens & Bedding

At this time, we are not taking blankets that have knots tied around the perimeter. 

  • URGENT: Twin/extra long twin blankets
  • Towels (bath towels and wash cloths)
  • Pillows (new)
Food Items
  • Individual instant grit packets
  • Individual fruit snacks packets
  • Individual pretzels (and other snack-type foods packaged individually)
  • Granola bars
  • Bottled water, 16.9 oz. size preferred
  • Fresh fruit: apples, Cuties/mandarins, navel oranges, bananas, pears, and peaches
  • Bulk canisters of lemonade/pink lemonade powdered drink mix
  • Bulk canisters of Kool-Aid powdered drink mix
  • Boxes of individual packets of instant powdered hot cocoa (made with hot water)
  • Assorted packages of individually wrapped hot tea bags
  • Disposable 10 oz. bowls
  • Socks, men and women
Frequently Asked Questions
What donations do you accept?2018-11-19T17:19:35-06:00

Please review our current list of needs (please include a link to this list). Unfortunately we are not able to accept items like appliances, furniture, children’s clothing or other items unless we specifically ask for them.

For specialized donation requests, please like us on Facebook at

Where can I donate items like clothing, furniture and appliances?2018-11-19T17:20:19-06:00

If you have clothing to donate:
Please donate your items to ACBC Foodshelf or call them at 763-422-0426 for more information.

If you have furniture to donate:
Please contact Bridging or call them at 651-631-3255 for more information.

If you have an appliance to donate:
Please contact A1 Appliances or call them at 763-712-1344 for more information.

What is the best time to bring my donation?2022-10-14T21:15:31-05:00

Please contact our front desk at 763-323-7006 or to set up a time to drop off your donation. We are not able to accept donations unless a time has been previously arranged by our staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring religious or political literature to Stepping Stone?2018-11-19T17:23:01-06:00

Yes and no. Yes, you may drop off religious information. It will only be displayed at the director’s discretion and if space permits. No, you may not drop off political literature. Stepping Stone’s policies forbid the display of any partisan political information.

Our Mission

Support individuals 18 and over who are experiencing homelessness by accelerating the growth of available shelter that brings education and solutions to our homeless response.

Our Vision

Provide a safe and inclusive community response to ending homelessness for all.

Our Guiding Principles & Values

Empower individuals to change their lives

-Treat all with dignity and respect

Collaborate with partners in providing services

-Ensure strong stewardship in managing resources

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