Thank you Unique Dining, Coon Rapids CDJR, Wold Architects, and Morcon Construction for helping feed Stepping Stone’s residents.

Stepping Stone has had an exciting fall! We acquired the second floor of our building and have been under renovations for a few months. We were informed by our contractor that during the week between Christmas and New Year, the water would be turned off due to plumbing upgrades. We knew we could move all our residents to a nearby hotel during this week, but we would not have access to our kitchen, and that would create a problem.

With three meals a day for each resident and no kitchen to do meal prep, we reached out to catering companies and Unique Dining was in a position and ready to help. Two hot, full meals a day would be provided. Brought in over lunchtime hot, with a second meal in a microwave safe tray for supper, we had the meals covered!

The next hurdle would be the cost. This was an unplanned expense, but that’s where our community really shines!

Coon Rapids CDJR had already held an in-house fundraiser and given Stepping Stone a very generous check mid-November for holiday meals. They did not want our residents to go without those special meals that we all love and look forward to over the holidays. Their donation was so bountiful, that we did not need to use the entire donation for the holiday meals, and they were happy to let us use what was left toward the catered meals. Unique Dining donated two of the meals, so we just needed to cover the cost of a few more meals. Stepping Stone’s Executive Director, Steve Griffiths, talked with the architect and construction company doing the remodel, and both Wold Architects and Morcon Construction happily picked up the rest of the tab.

We are always amazed at the unselfishness and care our community gives to the residents of Stepping Stone. Without our community, we would not be able to fulfill our vision to, “provide a safe and inclusive community response to ending homelessness for all.”

On behalf of Stepping Stone’s staff and residents, thank you Unique Dining, Coon Rapids CDJR, Wold Architects, and Morcon Construction for helping provide delicious meals during this time of need.