James C. Baron

Aggate Properties

A Minneapolis native, born and raised in North Minneapolis, James has experience in a variety of government and non government industries that gives him a great insight into managing businesses and connecting with people on all levels. His talents in such areas as commercial carpentry, real estate investing, and asset management for corporate lenders and investors are key in helping housing providers find and develop appropriate resources for their properties.

It was during his time as a real estate investor purchasing homes and renovating them, and purchasing larger properties and renovating and leasing them, that he was first introduced to agencies who work with people experiencing homelessness. He has relationships with community-based organizations where he gives first priority of his current rental properties to people who often have challenges to securing stable housing. James enjoys helping friends and family with renovating their homes or repairing their cars, and is involved in the community where he lives. He participates in the Heading Home Anoka Community Collaborative and serves on the boards of the Suburban Metro Area Continuum of Care collaborative and Stepping Stone Emergency Housing.