Frequently Asked Questions
Which volunteer opportunities are best for individuals or groups?2019-11-25T16:04:39+00:00

All Stepping Stone Volunteer needs can be met by individuals or groups. Some of the options that are best suited to groups include:

  • Kitchen servers
  • Donate A Dinner (great for groups of 4-7-only 4 in the kitchen)
  • Small Group Activity Leaders
  • “Handyman” Help as Team
  • Cleaning, Decorating & Sorting as a Team
What is the minimum age requirement for volunteers?2018-11-19T16:37:51+00:00

We ask that children be at least 10 years of age to volunteer. Please plan to have a one-to-one adult-to-child ratio for all volunteers under the age of 18.

What is the volunteer time commitment?2018-11-19T16:37:21+00:00

We are so grateful that you are interested in volunteering at Stepping Stone and gratefully accept as much or as little time as you can give. We have a variety of opportunities for short term, long term, or occasional volunteers. We’ve found that volunteers get the most out of their experience when they volunteer at least once per month, but that is entirely up to each volunteer. Most volunteer shifts range from 1 hour (food pick up) to 4 hours (front office assistant).

What kind of training do volunteers receive?2018-11-19T16:36:49+00:00

It depends on what kind of volunteer work you choose.  For example, we want to make it easy to Donate A Dinner, so Level 1 Volunteers don’t require any specific training. On the other hand, Level 4 Volunteers work one-on-one with residents, so they are required to attend training and orientation.  Our goal is for you to have a successful and rewarding experience supporting Stepping Stone and our residents, so training requirements are specific to each volunteer role.

How do I become a volunteer?2019-12-16T14:25:29+00:00

It’s easy!  APPLY ONLINE (link to application) or contact Julie Jeppson at 763-277-8301 or jjeppson@steppingstoneeh.org.

Do you conduct background checks on volunteers?2018-11-19T16:35:07+00:00

Stepping Stone may choose to conduct a background check on any volunteer. For the safety of our residents, volunteers who have direct interactions with residents can expect a background check. Volunteers who have limited interactions with residents may or may not have a background check at Stepping Stone’s discretion.

How old do I have to be to stay at Stepping Stone?2018-11-19T16:48:03+00:00
How do I get to stay at Stepping Stone?2018-11-19T16:54:23+00:00

Call us at 763-323-7006 as soon as you know you need shelter. We are always at capacity and have a waitlist. Please review our requirements listed above to make sure you are eligible to stay at Stepping Stone. In order to be put on the waitlist, we need your full legal name and birthdate, as well as a reliable way to contact you.

How long will I be on the waitlist?2018-11-19T16:55:23+00:00

Time on the waitlist generally varies from one day to potentially two months. Your place on the waitlist can change due to the following circumstances:

  1. Current residents need to stay longer than expected.
  2. Young adults (ages 18-24) and veterans receive priority on the waitlist.
  3. More individuals referred for emergency shelter by the police, hospital, and Hope4Youth.
How do I make sure that I’ll be contacted?2018-11-19T16:56:14+00:00

When you are added to the waitlist, make sure that you give our staff a very reliable phone number that we can use to reach you. If this number changes, please call us right away. If you don’t have a reliable phone number, you may call Stepping Stone daily to track your place on the waitlist.

How long is the waitlist?2018-11-19T16:57:37+00:00

Our waitlist typically ranges around 150-250 people.

Where am I on the waiting list?2018-11-19T16:58:27+00:00

You may contact our Intake Coordinator anytime at 763-277-8308 to confirm your waitlist placement. Please know that your placement can change daily. It depends on how many young adults (ages 18-24) and veterans need shelter (they go to the top of the list), the number of one-night bed referrals we receive from the police, hospitals, and Hope4Youth, and how easily we are able to contact those ahead of you on the list.

The important thing is that we have a really good phone number we can use to contact you. If that number changes at any time while you are on the waitlist, please call 763-277-830

Does Stepping Stone provide financial assistance?2018-11-19T16:59:30+00:00

Once a resident has completed our 90-day program, the opportunity for financial assistance to help with rent, down payment, utilities, damage deposit, etc. may be available. That’s something individual residents should discuss with their case manager.

Do you have any openings today?2018-11-19T17:01:08+00:00

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide shelter to any walk-ins. In order to stay at Stepping Stone, you must call 763-323-7006 and get added to our waitlist.

How long can I stay at Stepping Stone?2018-11-19T17:01:53+00:00

Stepping Stone is designed to provide shelter for 90 days. However, you can stay for one night, one week, or with approval, extend your stay past 90 days.

Do I have to leave during the day?2018-11-19T17:03:06+00:00

No. Stepping Stone is a 24/7 shelter, that means you are not required to leave during the day. However, you are expected to be productive and work towards ending your homelessness. This means that you will have to show progress in your Individual Goal Plan, success in making and attending various appointments, and completing your daily assigned work training.

What’s expected of me while I’m staying at Stepping Stone?2018-11-19T17:03:49+00:00

While staying at Stepping Stone, you will be expected to complete your assigned work training, meet with your case manager, and treat staff, other residents, and volunteers with respect. You will also be expected to work through our Program Elements, which are designed to assist you in ending your homelessness. These, and other aspects of daily life and expectations at Stepping Stone, will be explained during your intake meeting with your case manager. Failure to do these things may result in being asked to leave Stepping Stone.

How many people live in one room?2018-11-19T17:05:54+00:00

Stepping Stone has two wings, one for men and one for women. Each wing has two pods consisting of three bedrooms apiece. The bedrooms include four bunkbeds (eight beds), with the exception of one of the women’s bedrooms, which has only two bunkbeds (four beds.). Each pod has access to two full baths which are shared among the residents in that pod.

Does Stepping Stone administer medications?2018-11-19T17:06:58+00:00

No, we do not administer medications. Only over-the-counter and personal prescription medications are allowed at Stepping Stone. You will be given a personal locker to store your prescription medications. You are responsible for providing a lock for your locker, keeping it locked at all times, and not sharing the key/combination with anyone, including staff.

What are your Zero Tolerance Rules?2018-11-19T17:07:51+00:00