Looking for an easy way to support Stepping Stone Emergency Housing?

You can, by making a pledge to the 3M Open for Birdies for Charity program and be a part of #GolfThatMatters.

To make a pledge, visit the 3M Open for Birdies website and click Donate Now.

It only takes three steps: 

  1. Submit a per-birdie pledge.
  2. Take a guess at the total number of birdies.
  3. Sit back and watch the birdies fly in July. 


What is 3M Open Birdies for Charity? 

3M Open Birdies for Charity is a fundraising program designed to give participating charities like Stepping Stone the opportunity to generate contributions based on the number of birdies made by PGA TOUR professionals during the 3M Open happening right in our neighborhood.  

The tournament will be played at the TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, MN on July 22 – July 25, 2021. 

 Upon completion of the tournament, Stepping Stone will receive 100% of the amount pledged by our donors, as well as a contribution from 3M Open Fund Bonus Pool equal to 5-10% of the participating charity’s fundraising total!

 Additionally, the individual donor who successfully guesses the exact number of birdies (or closest thereto) will be awarded a Grand Prize. 

What is a Birdie? 

In golf, par is the expected score on each hole, and a birdie is one stroke below par for the hole. A complete breakdown of total birdies made at the 3M Open by year can be found below: 

2020  156 players made 1769 birdies 
2019  156 players made 1976 birdies 

So, if you pledged $0.01 per birdie, your donation would be $17.69!

How do you make a donation through 3M Open Birdies for Charity? 

To pledge a donation to your chosen organization through the 3M Open Birdies for Charity program, visit the 3M Open Birdies for Charity Homepage and click the Donate Now button.

You will have to make an account and fill out your details, including an organization.

After submitting your details, you will be asked for your bid and desired charity.

Please select Stepping Stone Emergency Housing from the dropdown list.

What is the minimum donation amount? 

The minimum amount that can be pledged is $0.01 per birdie.            

How do I make the payment for my donation? 

Upon completion of the tournament, you will receive an invoice that can be paid online by credit card or by check.  

In order to be eligible for bonus pool money, all donations must first be received by the 3M Open. 

When is the payment deadline? 

All donations must be sent to the 3M Open by August 13, 2021. 

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Yes, all donations are tax-deductible. When completing payment online, donors will receive an automatic email with a donation confirmation and receipt that can be used for tax purposes. Mailed donations will receive an emailed receipt after payment has been received and processed.