12 Days of Giving Thanks Through Acts of Kindness

December 6-17

Every year, we reach out to our supporters and the community and ask them to participate in our 12 Days of Giving Thanks. This year, we are focusing on giving thanks through Acts of Kindness. For each of the 12 days, give thanks by bringing joy to others through acts of kindness.

Day 1 – December 6
Tell a joke to someone and make them laugh.
Day 2 – December 7
Let your parents know you appreciate them.
Day 3 – December 8
Leave a note of thanks for your server at a restaurant.
Day 4 – December 9
Forgive someone and/or ask for forgiveness.
Day 5 – December 10
Send a note of appreciation to someone who should be recognized.
Day 6 – December 11
Give a stranger a compliment.
Day 7 – December 12
Spend time with a grandparent or elderly friend.
Day 8 – December 13
Send a letter or card to someone serving our military.
Day 9 – December 14
Share how proud you are of someone where others can hear it.
Day 10 – December 15
Give or leave a card for a vital worker: teacher, mail carrier, custodian, garbage collector.
Day 11 – December 16
Reach out to a friend who lost someone they loved this year.
Day 12 – December 17
Donate your end of year gift to Stepping Stone.


We can’t do this alone!

Help us bring holiday joy to someone experiencing homelessness.

Our Mission

To provide emergency shelter and critical support services to individuals 18 and older experiencing homelessness while striving toward self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

Everyone has a place to call home.


Our Guiding Principles & Values

-Empower individuals to change their lives

-Treat each resident with dignity and respect

-Collaborate with partners in providing services

-Ensure strong stewardship in managing resources